We will all agree that nothing has to do with the management of today’s businesses with those of before. New technologies have changed everything to the point that the same business in 2018 is very different from what it was just 10 years ago.

Our company has full visibility. All our information is accessible, and this fact can be used for or against us. Nowadays, not only clients can comment, anyone has the tools at their disposal to write comments, upload photos and videos without any supervision.

We need something more than a Marketing Plan to service and attract our customers. A knowledgeable, demanding, informed and sophisticated customer who seeks the best option when hiring services.

After this introduction, let’s go to the topic in question;

Are you paying attention to what is said about your company on the network? Are you managing your reputation On Line? Surely both your client and the one who is not, are paying close attention to what is being said. Your online reputation is the most vital aspect to grow your business effectively.
In other words, having an online presence and implementing an effective reputation management strategy is vital to the overall success of your business.

How can we manage our reputation online in a proactive and efficient way?

There are many reputable online companies that can help us. It is also true that for small and medium companies, there are programs in the system that we can take advantage of.

We present you some of them.


This work should lead us to a first base report that describes the steps to be taken to manage the negative comments and replace them with positive and attractive content for our clients.

Each company must have its personalized strategy and approach. A specific strategy that adapts to the needs of the moment. There are no two companies that are the same, as there is not only one type of client.
As an important point in this strategy, we must highlight the analysis and study the results giving them a solution later on. We must continue to observe the sentiment generated online and remedy as soon as possible.

As entrepreneurs, it is very important to be sure that our reputation is protected by an action plan that is worked and supervised, either by our staff or by an external company.

6 points to take care of

1. Clients always access specific sites to obtain and compare opinions and prices about us and our competitors. We must identify these sites and carry out a continuous work providing answers and solutions.
It is advisable to respond forcefully, but always polite, to negative comments always giving a solution with accurate information.
There are websites like www.reputation.com, www.reviewtrackers.com that allow us to track all these comments online.

2. Let’s use the network to control our own network. Create Google alerts. Let’s use the tools provided by Google and create alerts. We will receive an e-mail message every time someone makes a comment about our brand.
Simply configure alerts based on keywords that are important to your product and / or service.
Platforms such as www.HootSuite.com and www.Salesforce.com allow you to track and respond to all your brand mentions on multiple social media platforms in one place.

3. Use brand hashtags every time we use social networks. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram can help your brand stand out and help you track mentions.
The brand hashtag is our ID on the network. Users will refer to it to make a comment, upload a video or ask a question.
Let’s use it in your profiles of social networks and blog posts, too, so that readers can mention it more easily when they share their publications.

4. Many consumers turn to BBB (Better Business Bureau) to test the veracity of the network. It is important to register a profile on www.BBB.org to obtain more credibility. Having a presence at BBB will allow you to see the coverage of your business, dispute negative or inaccurate comments and build trust with potential and existing customers.

5. Let’s monitor our competitor. It is important to be clear about who we share our clients with. What our competitor does. Can we implement some of his actions? Where do we think we can improve in relation to them? Seeing the online activity of our competitor and recording successes and failures can help us redefine our approach and respond to possible gaps in others.

6. Do you have a Community Manager? Manage social networks giving quick response. Hang comments, offers, information. Managing the company’s Blog and, at the same time, monitoring all external sites is not a secondary or partial time job.

There are thousands of external companies that offer their Community Manager services at very low prices. But who better than your company to show, sell and manage the comments of your company.
Give the management of your social networks and reputation to one of your employees. A person of confidence in your company. A person who manages the comments of the community avoiding late and equivocal answers.
The “Community Manager” is like the reception of your establishment. It’s the On-Line face of your company. It is the contact person between your client and your company.

Managing reputation Online is not an easy job. There are many external agents that we cannot control and that significantly affects our company and the vision they have of it from the network. All we can do is be proactive and implement a strategic plan to counteract possible grievances to our image.

We hope that our article has been helpful. The reputation of a company, person or activity is vital for its recognition and survival. Do not take it as secondary. We dont do.

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