5 tasks to keep in mind

Last week we presented an article about On Line reputation. There is no doubt that, nowadays, everything goes through the network. The way we capture customers today, has little to do with the one a few years ago and we need to be able to serve our customers when it comes to having our reputation controlled.

Based on this reflection, we cannot forget the most basic aspects. I mean the primary things that we cannot ignore.
Some companies take On Line’s reputation very seriously, but then they forget the Off Line one. Which of the two is more important? It depends on each company, on each camping, of each accommodation. In any case, we will leave this debate for a future post.

Let’s not forget that the best control of offline reputation goes through the same image of your company. The cleanliness of your reception. The kindness of the people who welcome the client. The maintenance staff and the director itself.
Value must be given to aspects such as integrity, business sense, professional respect … It is necessary to instill on each and every one of the people who are related to our company the image we want to give.

But let’s go back to the today’s topic. What do we need to keep in mind when managing our reputation off-line?

1. Be honest.
We must always show a constructive and positive attitude. Always listen to our client and give clear, simple and honest answers. We shouldn’t lie to our client. This option should never exist.
If our thoughts make sense and if we provide coherent solutions, we will always get over everything.
The lies and the half-truths will lead us to create a very bad, negative vision, that we will never get back on. We can’t try to fool our client.

Be honest in how to manage your campsite. Be honest when it comes to treating your employees and being honest when managing your client.

2. Act coherently.
Being consistent in everyday life is vital in our sector. The world of tourism constantly changes, and we need to set some management guidelines, both for our staff and customers, as well as for our suppliers and business friends.
This coherence must be put in writing. Our people must know where it works, what to convey and how to do it. We must tell to to each and every one of them, what we expect from them. The team must know clearly which parameters to follow and in what way.

3. We must select our client.
The client chooses the campsite, or is the campsite who chooses the customer? Surely the question can have an easy answer. As I have already said many times, each campsite is different. Each campsite is made in the image of their client and offers those services that are most requested and modify those that are not so much.

We must select our client. The one with which we are more comfortable. The client who gives us less problems and who adapts better to our way of doing. You do not have to discriminate against anyone, of course, but as we adapt our staff and our facilities, we must focus on a specific type of client. Keep it on mine.

4. Return of telephone calls
In all business, this point must be one the most important things to keep in mind. It is a very simple task and it must be done efficiently.
Returning the calls quickly we are proving that we are professionals and that we care about what we do. We should not wait more than one day to return a call. Whether the phone call is from a customer or a collaborator, we must return the calls as soon as possible.

5. «Constant audits».
A campsite must be continuously in movement. It must evolve constantly. This implies that our staff may have production slips due to stress, lack of communication or lack of training.
To keep up the pace, sometimes we must stop the machine and reflect. In medium and large touristic organizations, in high season, a weekly day of reflection should be established. A meeting to share the situation and set new guidelines, if necessary and hardly recommended.

These small audits will give us consistency to the company from the point of view of the worker and we will make sure that the rest of the team clarifies the premises of operation.

Our Off Line reputation, the one that we generate instantly and constantly in each action and decision that we take, is as important as the On Line one.
The Off Line reputation only depends on us. It’s totally in our hands. In the hands of our team and in everything that relates to the client or possible client.
After all, if we manage our business in an open and honest way, treating our workers with professionalism and inculcating our company policy we will be very successful.
5 simple and efficient tasks to carry out that we propose to close our Posts on «Reputation in tourist companies»
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